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1818 High School Student Resources: Visiting the Library

Selected resources for 1818 high school research for English and History classes.

Special Instructions


  • Chat with a librarian for immediate help if you
    • are having trouble finding resources
    • are having issues accessing a resource or saving/emailing the resource to themselves

On-Call Librarian

  • Use this service as a last resort!!
  • The on-call librarian should only be contacted if you are having trouble accessing or finding any resources, and the librarians on chat are unable to assist. 

Leaving the Library

  • Once you're finished, please make sure you:
    •  Save your research to a USB flash drive or EMAIL it to yourself
    • Gather all of your belongings, including library books you wish to check out
    • Log off the computer

Borrowing Privileges

Students enrolled in the 1818 Advanced College Credit Program

  • may check out four Pius Library books at a time by presenting their SLU IDs at the Circulation Desk. 

Books are due back in 3 weeks, but may be renewed 

  • at the Circulation Desk or
  • by calling (314) 977-3087, if not overdue. 
  • 1818 Students can renew a book 3 times
  • 1818 Faculty can renew a book 2 times

Overdue fines are 10 cents per day, accumulating to $5.00. 

  • Returning books on time is each 1818 student's responsibility.
  • If a book is not returned or returned damaged, the student will be charged a $120 replacement fee and his or her transcript will be withheld until the account is cleared.  Examples of damage include writing or highlighting, food spills, water damage, folding pages, and tearing or removing pages.

Students not enrolled in the 1818 program should use Interlibrary Loan at their school or public library to borrow Pius Library materials.

Emailing + Saving PDFs

Access:  Due to licensing restrictions,  high school students may access subscription resources (databases and ejournals) on campus only.  This includes links to full text.

Most databases have a "Tools" section, usually located on the right side of the page. It is here where students can save, download, and email most articles from our databases. 


The easiest way for students to have access to their articles after they leave campus is to email the article to themselves. Simply click on the email icon and fill in the appropriate fields, making sure the HTML or PDF box is checked. 



  • Click the PDF Full Text link (usually on the left side of the page). 
  • This will open up the PDF. To download and save the PDF, click on the pointed down arrow at the top of the page.
  • Be sure to save to a flash drive. 


  • Click the save button on the right side of the page. 
  • In Chrome, select right click (with your mouse) on this page and select SAVE AS
  • In Internet Explorer, select FILE then SAVE AS from your browser's toolbar above. Be sure to save as a plain text file (.txt) or a 'Web Page, HTML only' file (.html). 
  • In FireFox, select FILE then SAVE FILE AS from your browser's toolbar above. 

Emailing + Saving Ebook Chapters

Most students will not need the entire ebook; rather, they will want just one to two chapters. Thus, we recommend students not download the entire book. That process is also very complicated, and is not a workable solution. 

To email a chapter or various pages:

  • Open the ebook by clicking PDF Full Text. click on "Email Pages" at the top of the screen. 
  • Each book has a specific amount of pages allotted to email/save, and the database will tell you at the top that number.
  • Specify the number of pages you wish to email. Fill in the appropriate fields and click Email PDF. 
  • Saving works the same as emailing; however, the pages will be downloaded to the computer as a PDF. You can then save the pages to a usb flash drive, or attach to an email. 

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