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Higher Education: Find E-Books

This resource guide identifies key materials available to the Saint Louis University community that are useful for graduate students in the higher education program.

Free Ebooks

E-Books (Electronic or Online Books)

E-books or Electronic (Online) Books may be

  • Electronic versions of print books or they may be only in electronic format.
  • Located in collections of electronic books or may stand alone.
  • Reference books or non-reference books.
  • Current or very old (historical primary sources).

The SLU Libraries make e-books available in several ways.

  • On a special e-books page such as this one.
  • In a collection of e-books represented as a database.
  • In a list in alphabetical order or by subject.
  • In the SLU Library Catalog
  • In SLUth - Search Plus (Note:  Not every ebook SLU owns or subscribes to is available in SLUth.)

Finding E-books in the Library Catalog

  • If you know the author or title of the book you want
    1. Search the SLU Library Catalog by title or by author
    2. Look for [electronic resource] near the end of a title in your search results list.
  • If you know only a keyword or subject
    1. Search the SLU Library Catalog using Advanced Search
    2. Type in your keyword or subject
    3. Limit by Location - Internet
    4. Limit by Material Type - Book/Journal
    5. You should only receive electronic resources on your topic. However, they may be either books or journals.

Finding eBooks in eBook Databases

If you only want to find ebooks, search one or all of these ebook databases.