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Higher Education: Law & Higher Education

This resource guide identifies key materials available to the Saint Louis University community that are useful for graduate students in the higher education program.

EDL 540 : Law and Higher Education

EDL 540-01: Law and Higher Education
January 20, 2009, 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m., Dr. Fowler
Georgia Baugh, Librarian (977-3598,

I.     Getting started -- Primary database for this course - LexisNexis Academic.

  • Guides and Tutorials to LexisNexis Academic™ are available on the lower, left-hand side of Legal Search page.
  • Features:  Search across state and Federal cases, print or download multiple cases at once, & Shepardize® most cases.

II.   Organization of LexisNexis Academic

A.    Two “tabs”, Search and Sources, each providing a different way to find information.

 LexisNexis Search Bar

       B.    Search tab has five broad categories:  General, News (Quick Info & News), Business, Legal, and People 

1.   Broad categories are divided into smaller sections

2.   For example:  General has 9 Sections, News has only 1, Busiess has 7, Legal has 8, and People has 1

      C.   Below are the current sections available under the Legal tab.

For this class, we will be using primarily the Federal & State Cases, Shepard's Citatations, and Law Reviews.

Legal Sections

C.    Sources tab provides a way to select Sources to search by browsing for them

1.  Select Area of Law to begin browsing law sources.  Other possibilities are Publication Type, News & Business 
               Topics, and Industry.

2.    Filter by Country (United States) and Publication Type (Cases or Legal News)

3.    Select a Category (Education Law) from which to view and select sources

III.   Searching LexisNexis Academic – Using Search Tab

A.  Choose a Category - Legal

B.  Select  “Federal & State Cases” from left-hand column, Shepard’s ® Citations, or Law Reviews.

C.  Form

1.  When entering terms in the Search Terms Box, type one word or short phrases using “connectors”.

2.  Select Sources:  Federal & State Cases Combined (or another appropriate source)

3.  Other options - Narrow search by  

a.   searching within Document Sections (Core-terms, Name, Dissentby, Opinionby, etc.)
b.   providing Case Name (Example:  N.Y. Times and Tasini)
c.   providing Citation Number (Example:  533 U.S. 483)
d.   specifying a date or range (date is, date after, previous 2 years, etc.)
e.   specifying Judge’s last name
f.   specifying Counsel or Firm name

D.  Tips

1.   Use Connectors   

AND      w/p      w/s      w/5      w/10     w/25  -  to narrow search

OR - to broaden search

2.   Use truncation  !  (for multiple letters)    * (for one letter - may be used multiple times)

3.   Combine ideas to get a search statement
                Example: Find cases about copyright and fair use in higher education.

4.   Revise a search – See “Next Steps” in upper right-hand corner.  Select Edit Search

5.   Use Search within results (upper right-hand corner) to search within results to
         further narrow a search (this provides a temporary search set only).

IV.   Other sources for information

A.   ERIC  -  In-library and remote access via the SLU Libraries’ Web site

B.   Education Source – In-library and remote access via the SLU Libraries’ Web site

C.   Bickel, Robert D.  The College Administrator and the Courts

Pius Library KF 4225 .A59 B45 Suppl
A loose-leaf service received 4 times per year through 2007

D.   Young, D. Parker.  The College Student and the Courts

             Pius Library KF4243.A59 Y68 1977 Suppl
             A loose-leaf service received 4 times per year through 2007.

V.   Access to addtional databases is available at

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