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Higher Education: Law and Higher Education-2

This resource guide identifies key materials available to the Saint Louis University community that are useful for graduate students in the higher education program.

EDL 540-01

Law and Higher Education

January 20, 2009,
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Dr. Fowler, Professor
Georgia Baugh, Librarian


AND  narrows search

in addition to AND, LexisNexis provides some "narrower ands"

w/n - within a specified number of words - w/5; w/10; w/25 

w/p - within a paragraph

w/s - within a sentence    

OR broadens search

Truncation or Wild Cards

!   for multiple letters    

copyright! yields




*  for one letter - may be used multiple times

psych****ist yields



Other Search Tips

1.  Combine ideas to get a
       search statement
      (copyright or copyright Act)
       and fair use

2.  Revise a search
       See “Next Steps” in upper
       right-hand corner. 
       Select Edit Search

3.  Use Search within results
      (upper right-hand corner)
      to search within results to 
      further narrow a search

Related Resources

ERIC  -  In-library and remote access via the SLU Libraries’ Web site

Education Full Text – In-library and remote access via the SLU Libraries’ Web site

Bickel, Robert D.  The College Administrator and the Courts

Pius Library KF 4225 .A59 B45 Suppl
A loose-leaf service received 4 times per year through 2007

Young, D. Parker.  The College Student and the Courts

Pius Library KF4243.A59 Y68 1977 Suppl
A loose-leaf service received 4 times per year through 2007.

Getting Started

Primary database for this course - LexisNexis Academic.

  • Guides and Tutorials to LexisNexis Academic™ are available on the lower, left-hand side of Legal Search page.
  • Features:  Search across state and Federal cases, print or download multiple cases at once, & Shepardize® most cases.

How LexisNexis Academic is Organized

Two “tabs”, Search and Sources, each provide a different way to find information.

 LexisNexis Search Bar

Search tab has five broad categories:  General, News (Quick Info & News), Business, Legal, and People 

1.   Broad categories are divided into smaller sections

2.   For example:  General has 9 Sections, News has only 1, Busiess has 7, Legal has 8, and People has 1

Below are the current sections available under the Legal tab.

For this class, we will be using primarily the Federal & State Cases, Shepard's Citatations, and Law Reviews.

Legal Sections

Searching LexisNexis Academic - Using Search Tab

A.  Choose a Category - Legal

B.  Select  “Federal & State Cases” from left-hand column, Shepard’s ® Citations, or Law Reviews.

C.  Completing the Search Form

1.  When entering terms in the Search Terms Box, type one word or short phrases using “connectors”.

2.  Select Sources -  Federal & State Cases Combined (or another appropriate source) from the drop-down menu.

3.  Other options - Narrow search by  

a.   searching within Document Sections under "Show options to search specific document sections", 
     (Core-terms, Name, Dissentby, Opinionby, etc.)
b.   providing Case Name (Example:  N.Y. Times and Tasini)
c.   providing Citation Number (Example:  533 U.S. 483)
d.   specifying a date or range (date is, date after, previous 2 years, etc.)
e.   specifying Judge’s last name
f.    specifying Counsel or Firm name

D.   Click

E.    Narrow search by entering terms in "Search within results" box in the upper right-hand corner.

Searching LexisNexis Academic - Using Source Tab

To use the Sources tab to search, select the Sources to search as follows.

1.  Select Area of Law to begin browsing law sources.  Other possibilities are Publication Type, News & Business 
               Topics, and Industry.

2.    Filter by Country (United States) and Publication Type (Cases or Legal News)

3.    Select a Category (Education Law) from which to view and select sources.

4.    Check the box in front of the source(s) you want to include.  Click OK - Continue

5.    Enter search terms in box.

Select your date or date range

Click Search

6.    To narrow your search, use the Search within results box in the upper right-hand corner.

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