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* Political Science: U.S. Government Information

A guide to information sources for those researching in the area of political science

Searching the Web

Federal government agencies currently most more information and publications on their websites than they publish in print. Use Search instead of Google to cut down on non-government results. This search engine includes .gov, .mil, .us and other official government domains for federal, state and local government in the United States.

Congressional Research Service Reports

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is a branch of the Library of Congress which produces non-partisan reports on any issue a member of Congress requests. These are known as CRS reports and can be a great way to quickly get the background on a large issue that may have come before Congress in one form or another. CRS reports will include a history of legislation and administrative policy on an issue, as well as an overview of the issue itself.

Databases with U.S. Government Information

General U.S. Statistics

The following sources are great places to start looking for U.S. federal statistics and international statistics on all subjects.

U.S. Election Statistics

These resources contain U.S. Election results. More detailed information, for smaller geaographies usually needs to be obtained from state or county levels. See the County Clerks office for the area of interest.

Polling Data & Statistics

U.S. Census

Looking for demographic and housing data from the U.S. Decennial Census? Start with the sources below and see the U.S. Census Information guide for more information.

Documents at SLU

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The SLU Libraries U.S. Government Documents collection officially began in 1866 with the designation of Pius XII Memorial Library as a Federal Depository Library.

The 700,000+ despository documents are located at the Locust Street Library Facility and items are available through a variety of service delivery options. Newer materials (from 2000 to present) are listed in the Saint Louis University Libraries Catalog and can be requested through the catalog by SLU users. The majority of the materials are not cataloged, and can be requested by contacting Rebecca Hyde or Jesse Swoboda

For extensive use of large portions of the documents collections, on site visits are possible at the Locust Street Library Facility with prior appointment. Contact Jesse Swoboda for more details.

Not sure if we have what you need? Not sure what you need? Contact Rebecca Hydefor reference & research asisstance.