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Ebooks at the SLU Libraries: Home

Check out how to find ebooks in the Library Catalog and in special collections of ebooks.

Ebooks (Electronic or Online Books)

Ebooks or Electronic (Online) Books may be

  • Electronic versions of print books or they may be in electronic format only.
  • Located in collections of electronic books or may stand alone.
  • Reference books or non-reference books.
  • Current or very old (historical primary sources).

The SLU Libraries make ebooks available in several ways.

  • On a special ebooks page such as this one.
  • In a collection of ebooks represented as a database.
  • In a list in alphabetical order or by subject.
  • In the SLU Library Catalog
  • In SLUth - Search Plus

For help in locating ebooks, please use the tabs across the top of this page.