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Tests & Measures: PsycINFO


The PsycINFO database, produced by the American Psychological Association (APA) and updated weekly, indexes the professional and academic literature of psychology and related disciplines. Its coverage is worldwide and includes references and abstracts of journals in 20+ languages, and books, book chapters, and disserations in English. The Pius Library subscription includes two components. The first is the contemporary PsycINFO 1967 to present, and 1987 to present. The second component is the historic PsycINFO Pre-1967 database which consists of citations and abstracts from Psychological Abstracts (1927-1966), Psychological Bulletin (1921-1926), all journals published by the APA, and the American Journal of Psychology from the first issue. database with coverage from 1967 to present, divided between two time periods:

PsycINFO contains a great deal of information about measurement and measurement instruments; searching for that information, however, can be quite a challenge. The contemporary PsycINFO database includes special features that facilitate such searches. For assistance with this process, consult Tips for Searching for Information on Tests and Measures in PsycINFO (Ovid-Web). This document is available in pdf format (