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Education: Sources for Distance Learners: Find Books/eBooks

Selected resources for distance education students in the School of Education

Suggestions for Finding Books/eBooks

Print materials are not requestable through the SLU Library Catalog or MOBIUS Catalog unless you reside in Missouri or Oklahoma near a MOBIUS Library 

There is a growing collection of online materials available for use in the SLU Library Catalog.  

For print materials, please contact a librarian in your geographic area to locate print materials available in your location. 

Collections of Online eBooks

Finding eBooks in the Library Catalog

  • If you know the author or title of the book you want
    1. Search the SLU Library Catalog by title or by author
    2. Look for [electronic resource] near the end of a title in your search results list.
  • If you know only a keyword or subject
    1. Search the SLU Library Catalog using Advanced Search
    2. Type in your keyword or subject
    3. Limit by Location - Internet
    4. Limit by Material Type - Book/Journal
    5. You should only receive electronic resources on your topic. However, they may be either books or journals.

Online Books Display in SLU Library Catalog

The first few results of a Keyword search for "curriculum and instruction" are shown below.  You can distinguish the titles available online by the [electronic resource] designation following the primary title.

Electronic Resources display in SLU Library Catalog

Your Librarian

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Martha Allen
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Google Book Search

Search Google Books, locate books you need in a library near you.

Note:  First 10 results appear in this box.  Click Google Books if you prefer to search directly on the Web site.

Google Book Search