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Dermatology Resources: Journals

Guide to information online and at the Medical Center Library that relates to the practice of Dermatology

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SLU Library Catalog

   Journal Title search.

  • Online and print journals are listed here along with journals on microfilm.
  • Search the SLU Catalog using the Journal Title Search tool

E-Journal Portal (Online Format)

  • Search exclusively for, and access, our online journals.
  • May be slightly more up-to-date than the Library Catalog
  • Search the E-Journal Portal

Journal Impact Factors

Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
     JCR allows evaluation and comparison of over 7,500 journals in science, technology, and the social sciences with respect to their importance in specific disciplines. The impact factor identifies the most highly cited journals in a discipline.

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RSS, what is it?

It's a convenient way to track multiple sources of information (ie. feeds, like tables of contents for journals) from a central location (a feed reader, like your browser).

RSS defined.