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Medieval Church History

This guide identifies resources for the study of medieval church history found in Pius XII Memorial Library. The guide is intended for use by both beginning or advanced graduate students and faculty.

Indexes/Serial Bibliographies

The following two sources list indexes/serial bibliographies of relevance for medieval church history:

Rouse, Richard H. Serial Bibliographies for Medieval Studies. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1969.
Annotated listing of 283 serial publications containing ongoing bibliographies useful to the medievalist. Some information may be dated but still useful. See especially Ch. 8 ("Ecclesiastical History") and Ch. 8 ("Intellectual History").

Walsh, Michael J., compiler. Religious Bibliographies in Serial Literature: A Guide. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1981.
     Ref. BL48.W25 1981
Annotated listing of 178 serial publications containing ongoing bibliographies covering all fields of religion and theology. For bibliographies on medieval church history, see the subject index under "Medieval Studies" or other relevant entries.

Printed Indexes/Serial Bibliographies

The following indexes/serial bibliographies are presented as a sample of what is available to the student of medieval church history. Many more examples may be found in the two sources listed above

Bibliographia Internationalis Spiritualitatis. 1966- .
The focus of this annual bibliography is indicated by the title. Covers all aspects of spirituality, asceticism, monasticism, and related subjects. There is a section covering "Historia Spiritualitatis" containing sub-sections on the medieval period (defined as eighth-thirteenth centuries) and the histories of particular religious orders. See Gorman, Systematic Theology and Church History, p. 7 (C0023); McCabe, Critical Guide, p. 116 (B302); Walsh, Religious Bibliographies, p. 40f. (#35).

Bulletin Annuelle du Moyen Age Tardif. 1991- .
     Ref. D113.B53
Covers Latin authors and texts from 1250 to 1500. See Berlioz, L' Atelier du Medieviste, p. 36.

Bibliographie Internationale de l'Humanisme et de la Renaissance. 1966- .
     Ref. Z6207.R4B5
Annual index of books, articles and congresses covering virtually all aspects of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Some problems with currency, the gap between a volume's publication date and its date of coverage is usually about four years (e.g. the volume published in 2001 covers items published in 1997). See Gorman, Systematic Theology and Church History, p. 8 (C0025); Walsh, Religous Bibliographies, p. 45f. (#39); Rouse, Serial Bibliographies, p. 4 (#4).

Bulletin de Theologie Ancienne et Medievale. 1929- .
The first four volumes (1929-1933) were published as part of the journal Recherches de Theologie Ancienne et Medievale. Each volume consists of several fascicles appearing over several years. Indexes appear only after a volume is complete; without the index, the user must resort to browsing. All entries are abstracted; some of the abstracts amount to mini-reviews. Can be useful as a sort of "current awareness" service but not recommended as a basic research tool. See Kepple, Reference Works, p. 136 (BB7); Mccabe, Critical Guide, p. 62 (B24); Gorman, General Resources, p. 68 (A0198); Rouse, Serial Bibliographies, p. 103f. (#213); Walsh, Religious Bibliographies, p. 67f. (57).

Bulletin Signaletique. 1970-1994.
     BR1.A1B844 Located in the Locust Street Facility
This index ceased print publication with the 1994 volume so it provides coverage only for the years indicated above. Covers religion in general but the bulk of coverage relates to Christianity with some coverage of Judaism and Islam. See the detailed tables of contents (in French or English); there are sections on "Medieval Church" and "Medieval Judaism". Also has a good subject index (in French). See Kepple, Reference Works, p. 63 (M13); Gorman, General Resources, p. 68f. (A0199); Walsh, Religious Bibliographies, pp. 71-73 (#61).

Byzantinische Zeitschrift. 1980- .
This journal publishes a regular bibliographical section including books, articles and essays on the Byzantine period (345-1453). Occasional annotations and references to reviews. See Walsh, Religious Bibliographies, p. 73f. (#62)

International Medieval Bibliography. 1967- .
     Z6203.I63 Located in the Locust Street Facility
Indexes articles and review-articles (but not book reviews per se) in approximately 800 journals as well as essays in Festschriften, conference proceedings and other collections. Each volume is organized topically but has a general index as well. Now available as an online database; see below. Inquire at Information Desk. See Gorman, SystematicTheology and Church History, p. 168 (D0141); Walsh, Religious Bibliographies, p. 115f. (#101)

Medioevo Latino. 1979- .
     Ref.Oversize PN661.M4
Classified bibliography of primary and secondary sources in medieval studies, often with extensive annotations. Indexes of authors and manuscripts.

Electronic Indexes/Serial Bibliographies

L'Annee Philologique. 1924- . 

     The primary bibliography for classical studies covering, for the most part, "pre-medieval" topics; nevertheless very useful for "early medieval" topics and figures (e.g. Augustine and Boethius).  Indexes editions, translations, conference proceedings, monographs, and articles.

ATLA Religion Database. 1949- .
     General theological database, covers journal articles and book reviews from 1949 and essays in books from 1960. Updated twice a year.

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index. 1981- .
     Covers Catholic journals and book-essays. For pre-1980 material consult the printed volumes at Ref. AI3.C32. Updated once a year, so you made need to consult one of the recent, quarterly printed issues for the most current indexing.

Index Religiosus.  1900- .

    Combines the bibliographies on theology and church history formerly appearing in Ephemerides Theologicae Lovanienses and Revue d'Histoire Ecclesiastique.  The most comprehensive bibliography for church history in general including the middle ages.

International Medieval Bibliography.
      Online version of printed index described above. Please click "Enter Databases" button on the Brepols Web site, then the "Go" button to the right of the database name to begin searching. The International Medieval Bibliography covers the European Middle Ages (c. 400-1500) indexes articles and review articles (but not book reviews per se) from about 4,500 journals, essays from Festschriften, conference proceedings, etc.

The Philosopher's Index. 1940- .
      Indexes and partially abstracts journal articles (300+ journals), book reviews, essays from books, and monographs in philosophy and related fields.