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Medieval Church History: Translations

This guide identifies resources for the study of medieval church history found in Pius XII Memorial Library. The guide is intended for use by both beginning or advanced graduate students and faculty.


Sources of information about translations of medieval texts may be found in the following sources listed previously under RESEARCH GUIDES/BIBLIOGRAPHIES: Crosby, Medieval Studies, pp. 27f. and Boyce, Literature of Medieval History, vol. 1, p. 44f. Listed below are two bibliographies of English translations of medieval texts.

Farrar, Clarissa P. and Austin P. Evans. Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources. New York: Columbia University Press, 1946.
     Pius Vatican Ref. Z6517.F3 (second copy held in general Pius Library collection)

Ferguson, Mary Anne Heyward. Bibliography of English Translations from Medieval Sources, 1943-1967. New York and London: Columbia University Press, 1974.

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