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Philosophy: Research Guides

The guide is designed for use primarily by Philosophy majors, graduate students and faculty.

Research Guides

These books provide a general bibliographic overview of the literature of philosophy.  For reasons of both quality and currency, Bynagle deserves a first look.

Bertman, Martin A.  Research Guide in Philosophy. Morristown, N.J.:  General Learning, 1974.
     B 52 .B43 1974

Bynagle, Hans E.  Philosophy:  A Guide to the Reference Literature.  3rd ed.  Littleton, Colo.:  Libraries Unlimited, 2006.
     Ref. B 72 .B97 2006

De George, Richard T.  The Philosopher's Guide to Sources, Research Tools, Professional Life, and Related Fields.  Lawrence, Kans.:  Regents Press of Kansas, 1980.
     B 53 .D45 1980

Tice, Terence N., and Thomas P. Slavens.  Research Guide to Philosophy.  Chicago:  American Library Association, 1983.
     B 52 .T5 1983

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