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Nursing Research Guide: Find a Specific Article

Search the E-Journal Portal

Search the E-Journal Portal now.

A link to the E-Journal Portal is also available on the Medical Center Library home page (under the Quick Links section).

View a brief video on getting an article through the E-Journal Portal.

What is the E-Journal Portal?

  is the "master list" of all of the online journals that SLU students can access.

You do NOT use the E-Journal Portal to search for a topic--a database is better for a topic search. 

The Libraries subscribe to individual journals through many publishers and to packages of journals through providers like EBSCO and Ovid. For some journals, multiple providers may be listed. Just select a provider that covers the date of your article, e.g. 2009.

Find a Specific Article

When you know the EXACT article that you need, you can go directly to the E-journal Portal to get it. 
Follow these simple steps to access the following article: Chaves, L., Grypdonck, M., & Defloor, T. (2010). Protocols for pressure ulcer prevention: are they evidence-based?. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 66(3), 562-572.

  • Type the name of the JOURNAL into the search box (not the title of the article), i.e.  journal of advanced nursing 
    • Make sure there are no typos or you will get "0" results
  • Click on the Search button  


You will see the providers through which we subscribe to that journal. Click on the provider link that covers the publication date of your article. For this particular article--a 2010 article--select the Wiley-Blackwell Full Collection link since it covers 2010 articles.

You will be taken to the home page of the journal and you will select the year, volume, issue, etc. for your article.

Finally, you will select your article from the online table of contents for the correct issue. You can print the article from a PDF version or HTML version, whichever is available.

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