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Nursing Research Guide: Request Articles

Document Delivery Service

Click here if you are a first time user and wish to register for the Illiad Document Delivery Service. 

Document Delivery staff work 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, and will try to get you the article(s) within 24-48 hrs. of the request.

Occasionally they need to obtain the article from a network library and the turnaround time may be slightly longer.

View a 4 minute tutorial on Setting Up an ILLiad Account.

Request an Article

Most of the Medical Center Library journal subscriptions are available online.

If you need any article that is NOT available online, you may request it using the ILLiad Document Delivery Service. There is NO charge to you for requesting articles.

 Example of requesting an article from the CINAHL database:

Click on the  button to view the SLU Article Linker feature.

If there are no online matches in Step 1 on the Article Linker form, proceed to Step 3 and click on the Medical Center Library link.

NOTE: You may skip Step 2--if the article is available in a print journal, we will scan it and send it to you online through the ILLiad service. Just make the request as shown in Step 3.

After you login with your ILLiad ID/Password, the request form will automatically be populated with the citation information and you will submit the request.

Liaison Librarian

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Donghua Tao
Interim Assistant Director for Information Services/Professor
Medical Center Library
Saint Louis University