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Primatology: Websites

General Sites

Primate Info Net
This excellent site is maintained by the Wisconsin Primate Research Center (WPRC) Library at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, although not all of its features appear to be updated. The PrimateLit database is only one of its many useful features. Others include

Fact Sheets (about nonhuman primates, organized by genus)
Primate Taxonomy
Behavior and Ecology
Primate News and Publications
Primate Journals & Newsletters
Audiovisual/Multimedia Resources
ADW: Animal Diversity Web: Primates (University of Michigan Museum of Zoology)
Primates: The Taxonomy and General Characteristics of Prosimians, Monkeys, Apes, and Humans – Tutorials (Dr. Dennis O’Neil, Palomar College) (blog)

Professional Organizations

There are many conservation, educational, and research organizations with interests in and/or foci on primates. Follow links embedded in these selected websites for additional information.

American Anthropological Association
Colobus Conservation
The Dian Fossey Gorrilla Fund International

Gibbon Network

Great Apes Survival Project (United Nations Environment Programme)

International Primatological Society

The Jane Goodall Institute

The Leakey Foundation

Lemur Center (Duke University)
Home of the La Suerte (Costa Rica) and Ometepe (Nicaragua) Biological Field Stations

New England National Primate Research Center (Harvard Medical School)

Oregon National Primate Research Center (Oregon Health & Science Univ)

Southwest National Primate Research Center (Texas Biomedical Research Institute)

Wisconsin National Primate Research Center (Univ of Wisconsin-Madison)

The Nature Conservancy

The Orangutan Conservancy
St. Louis Zoo (St. Louis, MO)


Photographs, videos, and audio clips of primates may be found on many general and organizational websites.  Some selected sites:
PrimateImages: Natural History Collection (Univ of Wisconsin Digital Collections)
Primate Vocalizations (Primate Info Net)

Evaluating Web Sites

Search engines like Google find Web sites of all levels of quality.

These Web sites were chosen by your librarian based on the following criteria. Keep these things in mind when deciding if a Web page is reliable and appropriate for your research.

  • credible authorship
  • objectivity
  • accuracy
  • recent updates
  • educational purpose

Always check with your instructor to find out if you can use free (non-Library) Web sites for your assignments. And if looking for journal articles, library databases are the most efficient tool for searching. See the Find Articles tab.