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Primatology: Databases

Primatology-Related Databases

Many commercial databases (i.e., indexes to the contents of periodicals and other publication types) are available at Pius Library and via the SLU Libraries website. The coverage of some databases is general and interdisciplinary while others have a subject-specific scope. Most databases include abstracts, or summaries, of the indexed publications; some contain the full-text or even the full-image of the source material itself.  Remember that subscription databases all link out to full-text sources subscribed to by the SLU Libraries, even if they don't actually include full-text themselves!

Search tips: When possible, use the designated subject vocabulary of a database for the most effective and efficient searching. The subject terms used in many databases may be less specific than your interest, so you may have to broaden your search accordingly. Another approach, especially if subject search results are few, is to search by keyword. Be sure to search the various names, popular and scientific, by which the primate is known (e.g., Dusky leaf monkey, trachypithecus obscurus, and spectacled langurs).

Note: Off-campus access to Web-based databases, indicated below by the notation “remote access,” is restricted to current SLU students, faculty, and staff. The exception is PrimateLit, which is available freely to the public. See Off-Campus Access to Subscription Electronic Resources (on the SLU Libraries website's Off-Campus Access page for access instructions.

PrimateLit: A bibliographic database for primatology.  1940 - 2010.  WPRC.  In-library + remote access.
     Not updated.  PrimateLit provides indexing of the scientific literature on nonhuman primates.  Coverage includes all types of publications and many subject areas (e.g., behavior, ecology, reproduction, field studies, psychology, physiology, evolution, taxonomy, developmental and molecular biology, genetics and zoogeography).  IMPORTANT: Updates ceased as of November 30, 2010. For many years, this freely available database from the Wisconsin Primate Research Center (WPRC) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the major service used to identify information and publications in primatology. It remains helpful, despite not having been updated since late December 2010 due to discontinued funding.  

Anthropology Plus.  Early 19th Century - present.  EBSCOhost.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated monthly, this database is a compilation of two significant resources:

  • The Anthopological Index (AI), which is published by the Royal Anthropological Institute in cooperation with the Centre for Anthropology of the British Museum. AI is an index to current periodicals held in the Centre's own anthropology library.

  • Anthropological Literature is an index to journal articles and edited works in the Tozzer Library, Harvard's anthropology library (formerly known as the Peabody Museum Library), which is the oldest US library devoted to collecting publications in the discipline and related fields.

Thus Anthropology Plus is the most comprehensive index of journal articles, reports, commentaries, edited works, and obituaries in the many and diverse fields of anthropology (e.g., social, cultural, physical, biological and linguistic anthropology; ethnology; archaeology; folklore; material culture; interdisciplinary studies; etc.).


BioOne Complete.  Coverage varies by title.  BioOne. In-library + remote access.

     Dates vary by title. Provides access to growing full-text collections of high-impact biological, ecological, and environmental science research journals. Most of the 200 journals included--both subscribed and open access--are published by small societies or non-commercial publishers.  Browse by title or search through all titles.

General and Multidisciplinary (Including Journal Collections)
Academic Search CompleteSome 1887 to present.  EBSCOhost.  In-library and remote access.
     Updated daily.  This multidisciplinary and multi-format database indexes and abstracts over 13,700 publications including more than 9,000 containing some full text. Over 7,800 of the journals are peer-reviewed. Other types of publications indexed and abstracted include monographs, reports, and conference proceedings. Covers subjects found in college and university curriculua such as biological and medical sciences, chemistry, education, engineering, humanities, physics, psychology, religion & theology, sociology, and women's studies. 
Annual Reviews.  Earliest volumes to present.  Annual Reviews.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated annually. These extensive literature reviews are published in a variety of subject areas in the Biomedical, Physical, and Social Sciences. Previous reviews are updated from time to time, and new topical reviews are regularly introduced. Searching can be done across the entire database, in just one suite (e.g., Social Sciences), or in a single volume. The key Annual Review titles for primatology are Anthropology and Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics, but relevant reviews can also be found in other titles including Genomics and Human Genetics, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology, and Psychology. 
JSTOR. Coverage varies by title. Johns Hopkins. In-library + remote access.
     Updated annually.  This archival journal resource provides access to full-text of approximately 1200 unique (does NOT count previous titles for same periodical) journal titles (as of Jan 2014). These titles are contained in 9 collections: Arts & Sciences I through VIII and the Life Sciences Collection. Subjects covered include history, language and literature, general science, ecology, biology, law, education, business, theology, and more.  Due to its archival nature, the last 1 to 7 years of each journal are not available in this resource.
Project Muse.  Coverage varies by title.  Johns Hopkins.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated monthly.  Full-text access to over 600 scholarly journals published by Johns Hopkins University Press and over 200 other not-for-profit presses in the areas of humanities, social sciences, and mathematics.
Science Direct Freedom Collection.  Most from 1995 - present.  Elsevier.  In-library + remote access.
     Updates vary by title.  Search or browse the entire collection of ScienceDirect journals available to Saint Louis University. Over 2,200 Freedom Collection titles are currently available, 
Social Sciences Index.   1974 - 2003; goes back to 1907 under various titles.
[Ref. AI 1 .S6]
     This standard index covers 400+ English-language periodicals, primarily scholarly in nature, from fields such as anthropology, area studies, community health and medical care, criminal justice and criminology, economics, family studies, geography, gerontology, international relations, law, minority studies, planning and public administration, policy sciences, political science, psychiatry, psychology, social work and public welfare, sociology, urban studies, and women's studies. 
Taylor & Francis Online Journals.  Primarily 1997 - present.  Taylor & Francis.  In-library + remote access.
     Updates vary by title.  Search or browse over 2,000 journals from Taylor and Francis. Access full text from 1997 to present for over 200 titles subscribed by SLU and any open access titles that span the social sciences, sciences, and humanities. 
Wiley Online Library.   Primarily 1996/97 - present.  Wiley.  In-library and remote access.
     Updates vary by title.  Search the Wiley Online Library by title, keyword, author, or publication title for journal or encyclopedia articles primarily in the sciences and technology although some social science articles are also available.
WorldCat.   1200 - present.  FirstSearch.  In-library and remote access.
     Updated daily.  This database includes all types of library materials cataloged by libraries that contribute their records to OCLC, the U.S. national database.  Use to search for books, recordings, videos, Web sites, etc.  Use the Libraries' version if you are comfortable with advanced searching techniques.  For simplified searching and quick results in a library near you,use WorldCat "Lite", a freely available Web resource (see ).
MEDLINE. 1946 - present.  Ovid.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated weekly. Produced by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, this is the primary source for access to international literature on biomedicine, including allied health fields, communication disorders, biological and physical sciences, humanities, and information science as they relate to medicine and health care. Articles indexed and abstracted are selected from approximately 5,600 journals published worldwide.
PsycINFO.   1967 - present.  Ovid.  In-library and remote access.
     Updated weekly.  Produced by the American Psychological Association (APA).  This database indexes and abstracts the professional and academic literature of psychology and related disciplines.  Its coverage is worldwide and includes references and abstracts of journals in 25+ languages, and books, book chapters, and dissertations in English.  PsycINFO links to the full-text of articles available in the journals covered by the PsycARTICLES database (which can also be searched independently), as well as to the full-text of articles appearing in many other journals for which the SLU Libraries have online access. Also produced by the (APA), PsycARTICLES is a database of full-text English-language articles, errata, and letters to the editor from journals published by the APA and affiliated journals.  Content back to Volume 1, Issue 1, is included for the APA journals. Click here to view a list of the titles available and their coverage dates.
Note: The historic PsycINFO (Pre-1967) database segment consists of citations and abstracts from Psychological Abstracts (1927-1966), Psychological Bulletin (1921-1926), American Journal of Psychology (1887-1966), all APA journals back to first issue of publication, Psychological Index citations to English language journals only (1894-1935), and Classic Books in Psychology of the 20th Century and the Harvard Book List, 1840-1971.
Science, General
Environment Complete.  Some 1888 to present.  EBSCOhost.  In-library and remote access.
    Update frequency unknown.  Indexes and abstracts over 2,200 domestic and international journal/magazine titles, of which over 1,350 are active titles. Full text is available for more than 920 journals, including Environment (back to 1975), Ecologist, and Conservation Biology. In addition to journals, this database provides access to the full text for more than 180 books, such as Encyclopedia of World Environmental History. Subjects covered include agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, environmental law, environmental technology, geography, marine & freshwater science, natural resources, pollution & waste management, public policy, renewable energy sources, social impact, and urban planning.
Nature Journals.  January 1997 (v.385 n.6611) - present.  Nature Publishing Group.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated weekly.  Access to Nature Magazine and many of its related research journals: Nature BiotechnologyNature Cell BiologyNature GeneticsNature Geoscience, Nature ImmunologyNature MedicineNature NeuroscienceNature MethodsNature Structural and Molecular BiologyNature Reviews CancerNature Reviews GeneticsNature Reviews ImmunologyNature Reviews Microbiology,Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology,and Nature Reviews Neuroscience along with many other titles Nature has acquired from other publishers.
Science Magazine.  1997 - present.  AAAS.  In-library + remote access.
     Updated weekly.  Full- text for most articles in Science Magazine from 1997 to the present in addition to science news and topics. 


Sociological Abstracts.   1952 - present.  ProQuest.  In-library and remote access.
     Updated monthly.  This database abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related social and behavioral science disciplines. It provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews from over 1,800 serials, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers. Journal records added since 1973 article abstracts.  Many records from key sociology journals published since 2002 also include the references cited in the bibliography of the source article. Each individual reference may also have links to an abstract and/or to other papers that cite that reference.
Citation Indexes
While these resources also can be used to do keyword and author searching, their primary use is as citation tools.
Scopus.  Coverage varies by title.  Elsevier.  In-library and remoted access.
     This is one of the largest abstract and citation databases. It indexes/abstracts over  22,700 journals from over 5,000 international publishers. Content includes peer-reviewed journals, trade publications, book series, and conference papers. This database is particularly strong in science, engineering, technology, and medicine. Many types of searches are possible - from topic to citation. Click here for more information.
Web of Science®.   1990 - present.  Thomson/Reuters.  In-library and remote access.
     Updated weekly.  Web of Science is one part of the larger Web of Knowledge. It indexes thousands of research journals from hundreds of disciplines and supports citation indexing, which establishes links between cited articles and the more recent publications in which they are cited.  The Web of Science® consists of Science Citation Index Expanded®, Social Sciences Citation Index®, and Arts & Humanities Citation Index®. ©Copyright Institute for Scientific Information 2007.  [NOTE: Web of Science and its components are the original citation indexes.]
  • Science Citation Index (SCI). --The SLU Medical Center Library holds hard copy format from 1981-2000 [MCL Ref Carrels].  Searchable as Web of Science® database from 1990-date.
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). -- Pius holds hard copy format from 1956-2000 [Ref. Z 7161 .S65].  Searchable as Web of Science® database from 1990-date.