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U.S. Government Information: Key ways to find Census information

Provides access points to sources of often used information created by the U.S. government

Community Fact Sheets

The U.S. Census Bureau provides access to Fact Sheets for many communities. 

If your community is not available via the Fact Sheet, you can locate the data in a less refined form via the address search option.

St Louis Neighborhoods & Census Tracts

Neighborhoods in St. Louis do not exactly fit into precise census tracts as set by the U.S. Census.  To see what fits where, here is a helpful map created by SLU library faculty member, John Montre.

Using Missouri Census Data Center to locate information

The Missouri Census Data Center has generated Trend Reports and Profiles for Missouri communities as well as ones in Kansas and Illinois.

More Census Data

This is just the tip of the iceberg! For more information on Census data, see our Census Research Guide.

Locating Census Data, including ACS, using Social Explorer


Social Explorer provides an easy to use interface for census information that ranges from current to historic and also provides data access to the American Community Service (ACS) projects. 

You may navigate using the Map and zooming in closer and closer or you may use the Find tool to move directly to the closest location.

Census tract numbers are key to locating data on very precise locations.  The Social Explorer system displays census tracts and numbers like this:

The Reports Tab allows you to generate data in tabular form and that may be exported to Excel if desired.  The Excel format enables the data to be imported into statistical analysis software such as SPSS.

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