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History of Psychology: Websites


The number of Web sites pertaining to the history of psychology has increased rapidly. For a nice (though now dated) overview of many important sites, see Glossing the Body Electric: A Review of Web Resources for Historians of Psychology ( by Christopher D. Green, Ph.D., York University. He also moderates the York University History & Theory of Psychology Electronic Question & Answer Forum ( The site of the Society for the History of Psychology (SHP), APA's Division 26 (, features an extensive list of History & Philosophy of Psychology Web Resources (

Many of the Web sites listed here are identified in the Division 26 listing or the mega sites. They are intended to illustrate the diversity and quality of history of psychology resources currently available on the Web. They range from the serious to the fun, and demonstrate many of the advantages of using the Web as a vehicle for the transmission of information. Most of these sites, in turn, will lead to yet other Web sites.