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History of Psychology: Contextual Perspective

Contextual Perspective

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New edition of standard philosophical reference work. See also: Craig, E. (Ed.). (1998). Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Vols. 1-10). London and New York: Routledge [Ref. B 51 .R68 1998].
Note: The Routledge Encyclopedia also is available online to current SLU students, faculty, and staff via the Library Catalog and the Pius Databases page.

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Four (above) excellent collections of wide-ranging essays dealing with diverse aspects of the development of American and European society. Discussions include overviews of periods, processes, and topics. Psychology and related subjects are addressed and there is much of interest that helps place psychology and its development in broader context.

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Explores aspects of popular psychology and the science of psychology in an attempt "to counteract the tide of misinformation about the field..."

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