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History of Psychology: Factual Information, Including Biography

Factual Information, Including Biography

American men and women of science. (Irregular). New York: Jaques Cattell/Bowker.
[Q 141 .A472 and variations; Recent editions Online via GVRL]
Started by J. M. Cattell. Original title (1st-11th eds, 1906-68) was American Men of Science, which actually did include women. Basic "who's who" type of directory.

Benjamin, L. T., et al. (1989). A history of American psychology in notes and news, 1883-1945: An index to journal sources. Millwood, NY: Kraus.
[Ref. BF 108 .U5 H57 1989]
Identifies career information published in six major journals: American Journal of Psychology; Journal of Applied Psychology; Journal of Philosophy, Psychology and Scientific Method; Psychological Bulletin; Psychological Review; and Science. From the series "Bibliographies in the History of Psychology and Psychology."

Biography & Genealogy Master Index (BGMI). (Weekly). Thomson/Gale.
Indexes reference works containing multiple biographies or references to multiple biographical sources, such as Biography Index, Contemporary Authors, Who's Who (various series). If your subject doesn't show up in here, that's often a hint of a tough search ahead, at least in traditional library sources.
Note: This online resource is available to current SLU students, faculty, and staff via the Library Catalog and the Pius home page "Choose a Database, A-J" option.

Craighead, W.E., & Nemeroff, C.B. (Eds.). (2001). The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science (3rd ed., Vols. 1-4). New York: Wiley.
[Ref. BF 31 .E52 2001 and Online via NetLibrary]
Revised edition of Corsini's Encyclopedia of Psychology (2nd ed., 1994).

Garraty, J. A., & Carnes, M. C. (Eds.). (1999). American national biography (Vols. 1-24). New York: Oxford University Press.
[Ref. CT 213 .A68 1999 and online]
Covers more than 17,000 persons "who made significant contributions to building the United States."

Johnson, A., & Malone, D. (Eds.). (1964). Dictionary of American biography (Vols. 1-11 and supplements). New York: Scribner's. Original edition, New York: Scribner's, 1928-1958.
[Ref. E 176 .D562 1964]
Standard reference work, known as the "DAB", covering deceased "noteworthy persons of all periods who lived in the territory now known as the United States." Includes bibliographies.

Kazdin, A.E. (Ed.). (2000). Encyclopedia of psychology (Vols. 1-8). Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association; Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press.
[Ref. BF 31 .E53 2000]
Major disciplinary reference source, sure to become a classic.

Matthew, H. C. G., & Harrison, B. (Eds.). (2004). Oxford dictionary of national biography: From the earliest times to the year 2000. (Vols. 1-60; Index). Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press.
[Ref. DA 28 .095 2004 and online]
Biographical reference work covering notable deceased persons associated with the British Isles from the fourth century BC to 2000. It revises and expands upon the classic reference work, the Dictionary of National Biography, also known as the "DAB" (Ref. DA 28 .D45 1921), and its supplements.

National cyclopaedia of American biography (Vols. 1-63). (1891-1984). Clifton, NJ: James T. White.
[Ref. E 176 .N27]
Similar to the DAB, but less selective, not as scholarly, excludes bibliographies. Permanent Series (deceased persons) has 63 volumes; Current Series (living persons) Supplement is in progress.

Osier, D. V., & Wozniak, R. H. (1984). A century of serial publications in psychology, 1850-1950: An international bibliography. Millwood, NY: Kraus.
[Ref. BF 121 .O843 1984]
Provides publishing and editorial information on serial titles related to psychology; coverage is international. A "Name Index" is useful for identifying editorial affiliations. The appendix topically lists serial publications outside of psychology that contain relevant material. From the series "Bibliographies in the History of Psychology and Psychology."

Roeckelein, J. E. (1998). Dictionary of theories, laws, and concepts in psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.
[Ref. BF 31 .R625 1998]
Provides definitions and descriptions of important generalized psychological concepts, as well as references of original sources and reviews in which the concepts are explained. Includes two appendices: (1) "Frequency of Usage of Concepts as Sampled in Psychology Textbooks, 1885-1996," and (2) "References--Textbooks Surveyed for Collection of Law and Theories in 112 Years of Psychology."

Sheehy, N., Chapman, A. J., & Conroy, W. A. (Eds.). (1997). Biographical dictionary of psychology. London; New York: Routledge.
[Ref. BF 109 .A1 B56 1997]
Information on individuals (including bibliographies of their principal publications and suggestions for further reading) who have "had a profound impact on developments within the discipline." The scope is international and includes persons who may not be regarded as psychologists.

Street, W. R. (1994). A chronology of noteworthy events in American psychology. Washington, DC: APA.
[Ref. BF 108 .U5 S77 1994]
From the cover: "Dates of Birth; Publication of Important Books, Articles, and Mental Tests; Passage of Influential Legislation; Events in the History of Psychological Associations and Institutions; Court Decisions; Research Announcements and Awards." Includes a name index, subject index, calendar index, and APA Division index. Available on the Web as Today in the History of Psychology (

See also these chronologies for contextual and factual information:

American decades: 1990-1999 (Vols. 1-10 ). (1994- ). Detroit: Gale.
[Ref. E 169.12 .A419 1994 and Online via GVRL]

American eras (Vols. 1-8 ). (1997- ). Detroit: Gale.
[Ref. E 169.1 .A471979 1997]

Grun, B. (1991). The timetables of history: A horizontal linkage of people and events (3rd rev. ed.). New York: Simon & Schuster.
[Ref. D11 .G78 1991]

Mellersh, H. E. L. (1999). Chronology of world history (Rev. and updated ed.) (Vols. 1-4). Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
[Ref. D 11 .M39 1999]

United States. Department of Commerce. Bureau of the Census. Decennial census of the United States.
Taken every 10 years since 1790, this is a treasure trove of personal information that may be difficult to find anywhere else. Actual census data is released to the public 72 years following the census. A variety of finding tools exist. The Pius collection of U.S. Census material contains the statistical compilations produced from the census collections since 1790. Other St. Louis area libraries hold microfilm copies of selected original census rolls. Microfilm of the original census rolls from all states is available at federal regional and national archives centers; for more information, see the Resources for Genealogists/Family Historians ( page of the National Archives and Records Administation Web site. Transcribed census records are appearing increasingly on the Web, primarily through the efforts of individual genealogists and non-profit volunteer genealogy projects like The USGenWeb Project ( which includes transcribed census record data.

VandenBos, G. R. (Ed.) (2007). APA dictionary of psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood.
[Ref. BF 31 .A63 2007]
New, authoritative reference source.

Zusne, L. (1984). Biographical dictionary of psychology. Westport, CT: Greenwood.
[Ref. BF 109 .A1 Z85 1984]
Short sketches on deceased psychologists plus others who have contributed to the field. Scope is international.