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Atmospheric Science: Print Books and EBooks

Selected Print Books from Pius Library

Encyclopediae and Glossaries

Glossary of Meteorology (AMS) (QC854.G56 2000)

Glossary of Weather and Climate: with Related Oceanic and Hydrologic Terms (AMS) (QC854.G56 1996)

Encyclopedia of Atmospheric Sciences (6 Vols.) (QC854 .A48 2003)

The Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change: A Complete Visual Guide (QC854 .E5258 2010)

General Interest

Eloquent science: a practical guide to becoming a better writer, speaker & atmospheric scientist / David M. Schultz (AMS) (Q223.S2354 2009)

Weather by the numbers: the genesis of modern meteorology / Kristine C. Harper / MIT Press    (QC855.H374 2008)

Statistical methods in the atmospheric sciences / Daniel S. Wilkes / Academic Press  (QC874.5 .W55 2011)

Weather on the air : a history of broadcast meteorology / Robert Henson / American Meteorological Society   (QC877.5 .H47 2010)

Divine wind: the history and science of hurricanes / Kerry Emanuel / Oxford University Press (QC944.E43 2005)

Climate extremes and society / Henry F. Diaz and Richard J. Murnane / Cambridge University Press  (QC981.8.C53 C55 2008)

Books from National Academies Press

PDF versions of books published by the National Academies Press can be downloaded free of charge.

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Find more books

Pius Library uses the Library of Congress call number system to classify books.

Relevant call numbers for the technical aspects of atmospheric sciences range from QC 851- QC 999

Every book is assigned  Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).

Relevant LCSH include:


   Atmospheric physics

   Boundary layer (meteorology)




   Climatic changes


   Precipitation variablilty

   Ocean-atmosphere interaction

You can search the library catalog for call numbers and LCSH