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Medical Center Library Orientation: Print and Electronic Reserves

Overview of Medical Center Library resources and services

Contact information

The course reserve website:

Phone: 977-8800


Print Reserve

Hard copy books and media materials are kept at the Circulation Desk and you need to ask the staff at the Curculation Desk for checked-out.

You only can use the print reserved materials in the library for about 4 hours.

You can search library catalog to find out which books are on reserve as showned below.



Electronic Reserve

Course materials (e.g. weekly readings) can be placed on ERes, the electronic reserve system for 24-hour access.

You can access to materials on ERes from the ERes Webpage by the Department or instructor's name and is limited by password to students enrolled in each course. Your instructor will tell you the password.

ERes course pages are removed at the end of each semester but are kept on file for future use. Alternatively, ERes links can be placed within Blackboard / SLU Global.

It is free to access ERes materials. If you choose to print an item in the library or a computer lab, the charge is limited to the cost of printing.

Subject Guide

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Donghua Tao
Interim Assistant Director for Information Services/Professor
Medical Center Library
Saint Louis University