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Poetry: Criticism

Librarian-selected resources for poetry research.



"The reasoned discussion of literary works, an activity which may include some or all of the following procedures, in varying proportions: the defence of literature against moralists and censors, classification of a work according to its genre, interpretation of its meaning, analysis of its structure and style, judgement of its worth by comparison with other works, estimation of its likely effect on readers, and the establishment of general principles by which literary works (individually, in categories, or as a whole) can be evaluated and understood." -- Source: The Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms (3rd ed.)


Search for books and eBooks using the Saint Louis University Libraries' Catalog.

To find the books about the life and work of Emily Dickinson, use a SUBJECT search in the SLU Libraries Catalog. You'll find a listing of all the libraries books on Emily Dickinson, broken down by subject area. 

To find the works of Emily Dickinson and/or her contemporaries (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, etc.), search for them as AUTHORS in the SLU Libraries Catalog.

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Journal Articles

SLUth Search Plus searches about 50 library databases, including several literature databases (MLA International Bibliography, JSTOR, and Project Muse.) and the SLU Libraries Catalog.

SLUth - Search Plus


Why search an individual library database if it's available in SLUth Search Plus? Advanced search functionality! This is especially important for the MLA International Bibliography.

MLA International Bibliography also offers many specialized search options, including the following. 

Primary Subject Author Search (This search lets you quickly find all of the articles in MLA that are definitely about a specific author.)

  • example: Dickinson, Emily

Primary Subject Work Search (This search lets you quickly find all of the articles in MLA that are definitely about a specific work.)

  • example: The Poems of Emily Dickinson

Subject Search (This search lets you find articles in MLA about a specific subject, literary technique, etc.)

  • examples: ecocriticism, ecology, ecocritical approach, nature
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Poetry Criticism