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HIST 1110: Origins of the Modern World to 1500: Secondary Sources

Selected library and internet resources for SLU students in History 1110: Origins of the Modern World to 1500.

Selected Secondary Sources

Click the links below or hover over the Secondary Sources tab at the top of the page to find secondary sources about the following time periods.

What Are Secondary Sources?

Secondary sources are based upon the examination of primary and/or other secondary sources. A secondary source describes, interprets, evaluates, and/or analyzes primary sources.  A secondary source is at least one step removed from an event or time period.  However, secondary sources may include pictures, quotations, graphs, or data from primary sources with the text.  Types of secondary sources include:

  • biographies
  • dissertations
  • textbooks
  • books
  • articles (magazine, journal)
  • reviews
  • histories
  • criticisms
  • commentaries

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