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English for Academic Purposes Faculty Resource Guide: Working with Your Librarian

Research Assistance for Faculty

You have research to do too!

  • Use our resources, just like your students would
  • Ask your librarian about the journals and databases in your area that we subscribe to
  • Book a 1:1 research consultation - sure you have your MA, MS or PhD, but not all libraries are the same! Sit down with us for a refresher. 

Ways to book an appointment with Martha Allen

  • Email:
  • Phone: 314-977-3596

Research Guides

  • Curated by a librarian for specific subject areas and courses
  • Instructor input welcome - this can be collaborative!
  • Most effective at the course level, especially when they are tied to an assignment

Sample Guides:

EAP subject guide

EAP assignment 

Assignment Design

Work with your librarian to design assignments that teach students the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in all of their SLU courses and beyond. 

We can work together to create an assignment that requires students to track their research journey with a research log, including having them map their process, time their research activities, and reflect on the process during and after the completion of their project. This type of activity allows the students to construct meaningful mental models around research, focuses on the transferability of the process rather than the final product, and creates the opportunity for metacognitive reflection on the students' own learning.