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English for Academic Purposes Faculty Resource Guide: Library in Your Classroom

Learning Outcomes, Assignments, and Instruction

You can work with the EAP librarian to design information literacy learning outcomes tailored to your classes. The librarian can also assist you in designing assignments that incorporate critical thinking about information and information resources including, but not limited to concepts such as:

  • articulating the information creation process and discussing the value of information at each step of the process
  • identifying the packages in which information presents itself and the appropriateness of these resources for academic conversations
  • participating responsibly in a scholarly conversation (i.e.: academic writing)
  • developing the idea that research is inquiry, not merely searching a database

Syllabus Statement (to go under the Resources for Students section of your syllabus)

University Libraries

Pius XII Memorial Library is located at the heart of campus, and provides valuable services, expertise, and resources to our students. It's the best place for you to start and complete your research. As an English Language learner, you have access to resources designed specifically for you, and you have your very own personal librarian,  Martha Allen. Martha can be reached by email ( or phone (314-977-3596). She can help you navigate the library, start your research, and discuss strategies to prevent plagiarism, just to name a few things. To find out more about how to get help from your librarian or to use the library, go to

Critically Thinking about Information Resources in Your Class

Developing a Thesis