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Saint Louis University Library Associates Literary Award Winner - Edwidge Danticat: Campus Read Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions for Breath, Eyes, Memory

  1. What role does mythology/storytelling play in this work?
  2. How does Danticat reveal Sophie's problems to us? What narrative techniques does she employ?
  3. Which family relationship is most critical for Sophie? What makes you think so?
  4. How does Sophie feel about New York? What about Haiti?
  5. What role do men play in this work?
  6. What is the role of ritual in Breath, Eyes, Memory?
  7. In what way is Sophie free at the end of the work?
  8. What insights does Sophie have about abuse as she works through therapy?
  9. Why is it important for Sophie to remember things, rather than forgetting them?
  10. What is the significance of the story of the lark? How does it differ from the other stories that Sophie remembers?