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Political Science
Political Science
by Rebecca Hyde - Last Updated Sep 26, 2014
A guide to information sources for those researching in the area of political science
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
by Rebecca Hyde - Last Updated Nov 17, 2014
Library resources related to GIS, sources of GIS data and more.
International Government Information
by Rebecca Hyde - Last Updated Sep 18, 2014
Information on IGOs, NGOs and more!
U.S. Census Information
by Rebecca Hyde - Last Updated Oct 7, 2014
A guide for locating census information on communities and neighborhoods
U.S. Government Information
by Rebecca Hyde, J. Swoboda - Last Updated Nov 20, 2014
Provides access points to sources of often used information created by the U.S. government
Administrative and Regulatory Law
by Lisa Thorp - Last Updated Sep 30, 2014
An overview of federal administrative and regulatory law - what it is, how to find it and how it is used.

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