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Blood or Diplomacy? Violence & Madness in Hamlet (Revised): Introduction

A WebQuest for English 194:01: Advanced Argumentation for English Majors
Designed by Joya Uraizee, Ph.D. and Jamie Schmid, M.S.


With growing concern about the degree of violence and terror in the modern world, a Presidential Task Force has been formed to write a multi-media report on the ways in which English literature can influence U.S. attitudes in such political matters as war and diplomacy. The report would influence future U.S. foreign policy, but needs to be written for a general, mostly political and diplomatic readership in mind.  The information included could represent many different fields of scholarship, including a work of literature.  Hamlet has been preliminarily proposed as the work of literature to be analyzed in this context. Because of your excellent liberal arts education gained at one of the country’s finest institutes of higher education, Saint Louis University, you have been chosen to make the final recommendation to the Task Force as to whether or not Hamlet should be analyzed and presented in the final report.

[Permission to reproduce this picture has been granted from Murphsplace. Its origin is Robert Tanitch’s Olivier, Abbeville Press, 1985]


Your Professor

Joya Uraizee, Ph.D.

Contact Info:
Adorjan Hall, 224
Phone: 314-977-3514

Your Librarian

Jamie L. Schmid, M.S.

Contact Info:
Pius XII Memorial Library 320-3
Phone: 314-977-3591