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Overview of SciFinder, registration instructions, and registration for Web version.

SciFinder Description

SciFinder is our main chemistry database. You need to register first before being able to use.

SciFinder contains both Chemical Abstracts (1907 to present) and MEDLINE.  Chemical Abstracts indexes and abstracts over 10,000 current scientific journals and patents from 63 patent authorities.  It also provides over 180,000 pre-1907 journal and patent records issued from 1808-1906.  Content includes journal articles, patents, substances (over 156 million organic and inorganic substances), chemical syntheses, links to the PDF file for US Patents, and  links out to availability and pricing information for commercially available compounds.  MEDLINE indexes and abstracts approximately 5,000 journals.  For more detailed information, see CAS Content.  For search help, check out the SciFinder Training Materials or contact Megan Toups, STEM Librarian.

Registration for SciFinder Username & Password

Please be aware of and follow the appropriate use of SciFinder permitted by our license.

If you have problems registering during the current pandemic situation, please contact me at 

SciFinder Web Access

After self-registering for your username and password, you may access SciFinder from any of the following options, both on campus and off campus.

Link directly to SciFinder - Personal Username and Password required.

  • Web version has a 20 minute time-out.
  • As of May 1, 2012, CAS' Academic Unlimited Access Program will provide unlimited simultaneous users for SciFinder.
  • Depending upon overall demand, CAS will do its best to provide at least 95% access.
  • Creating a personal username and password is still required.
  • Please remember to click Sign Out when you are finished.
  • Closing the browser or turning off the computer will NOT log you off.

If SciFinder is busy, please try back.

Obtaining a Username and Password

Self-registering for your username and password

  1. Go to SciFinder Registration from a SLU IP address.
  2. Click on the Registration URL.
  3. A Welcome message will display.
  4. Click Next to begin self-registration.
  5. Use your SLU email address when registering.

Username and Password requirements


Minimum of 5 characters and a maximum of 15 characters.

Must be unique - another user cannot have selected it.

Can be all letters, but it may also contain numbers and these special characters:  dash (-); underscore (_); period (.); and/or at symbol (@).


Minimum of 7 characters and a maximum of 15 characters.

At least two (2) characters must be different from your username. 

Password must include at least three (3) of the following.

  • Lowercase letters
  • Mixed upper and lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters (e.g., @, #, %, &, *)

Technical Requirements

Supported Operating Systems, Browsers, and versions

Browser FireFox Chrome Internet Explorer Safari
Operating System        
Windows 10 60 (ESR) and 65 or higher 63 and higher 11  
Windows 8.1 60 (ESR) and 65 or higher 63 and higher 11  
Windows 7 60 (ESR) and 65 or higher 63 and higher 11  
Mac OS 10.12 and higher 60 (ESR) and 65 or higher 63 and higher   11 and higher

JavaScript and cookies must be enabled.

Pop-up blockers must be turned off or you may add the following sites to your "pop-ups" allowed list.


For additional recommendations including structure editor requirements, see SciFinder System Recommendations and Requirements.