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Finding Biblical Commentaries

This guide identifies commentaries that cover the entire Bible (several of which include coverage of deutero-canonical/apocryphal books) and shows you how to locate commentaries on individual books of the Bible in the library catalog..

Finding Commentaries

You can find commentaries on specific books of the Bible by doing a SUBJECT search in the library catalog using the format below.

Bible [name of book] Commentaries

Examples:  (N.B. the format used when an ordinal number is part of the book title)

Bible Genesis Commentaries

Bible Samuel 1st Commentaries

Bible Wisdom of Solomon Commentaries

Bible John Commentaries

Bible Timothy 2nd Commentaries

Bible Epistle of John 1st Commentaries

Note that in addition to commentaries on individual books, there are commentaries on books that are traditionally grouped together (examples below).

Bible Pentateuch Commentaries

Bible Minor Prophets Commentaries

Bible Epistles of Paul Commentaries

Bible Epistles of John Commentaries

Bible Pastoral Epistles Commentaries