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NURS_DNP/PhD School of Nursing Library Instruction Session Fall 2023

Systematic/Integrative Reviews

Systematic Review is a type of evidence summary that uses a rigorous scientific approach to combine results from a body of original research studies into a clinically meaningful whole.​

Systematic Reviews are critical in assisting clinicians, patients, and policy makers keep up with the hundreds of thousands of new and often conflicting studies published every year. ​

  • Multiple literature databases are searched​

  • Searches are thorough, reproducible, and include the full search strategy​

  • Track numbers of citations and duplicates=PRISMA​

From Murphy, M. P., Staffileno, B. A., & Foreman, M. D. (2018). Research for Advanced Practice Nurses, Third Edition: From Evidence to Practice. New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company​

Steps in Systematic Review SEARCH Process:

  • Create EndNote Library​
  • Write out search terms and strategy​
  • Select appropriate literature databases​
    • Search first database using keywords and database-specific subject headings​
    • SAVE search​--Print out (or copy/paste to Word) search strategy from that database, date of search, number of citations
    • Export all citations from the database into EN​
    • Repeat this process for the rest of your databases​
  • Remove duplicates​
  • Create PRISMA flow diagram of search process​
  • Write up search methods​


  • Locate a SR (Cochrane Collection is also a good resource) on a topic close to yours and look at their methods, search terms, databases, etc.​

  • Keep meticulous documentation of searches (print and electronic copies); save searches in each database (Example documentation)​

  • Create PRISMA flow diagram for systematic and integrative reviews ​