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NURS_DNP/PhD School of Nursing Library Instruction Session Fall 2023

Why Both?


  • freely available platform to search Medline
  • also searches PubMedCentral papers, which are full text articles deposited to promote open access, and articles that are “in process” that is, prior to being indexed with MeSH terms, and articles submitted by publishers, “ahead of print.”

Ovid Medline

  • vendor platform
  • searches only Medline content
  • allows you to perform a more sophisticated search (proximity searching provided)

You will get slightly different results by searching in each database; you may find thousands more articles via PubMed.

All MEDLINE articles have been indexed with assigned MeSH terms. If you have a specific search you are doing you will get the closest, most specific match to your terms by searching in Ovid MEDLINE.