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"Hand Searching"

Journal hand searching​

  • Can be done electronically​

  • Choose high impact journals in field (JCR)​

  • Publisher sites allow full text searching​

  • (Remember, databases only search bibliographic records)​

Citation Harvesting


If you have a "perfect" article--let it help you! 

  • Search for other publications by the same author. 
  • Review for relevant search terms.
  • Review the article's references--are there some that should be used?
  • Search Scopus or Web of Science to find article that cite the original article.

Remember--scholarly articles take time to publish.  If the perfect article is very recent, it may not yet have been cited.






Also, helpful .....

Identify relevant terms used in the ‘perfect’ article. 

These can be used to revise or create new searches that identify articles that are relevant but use those terms rather than the ones you previously used.