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EndNote Tips

A basic guide for installing, navigating and using EndNote X5, EndNote X6, and EndNote X7. Note: If you share EndNote online folders with colleagues, sharing can be done on EndNote online as usual.

Enter Reference Data Directly Into EndNote

    1. Type references directly into EndNote                                              
      • From the References menu, select New Reference or use shortcut Ctrl N
      • An empty Reference opens
      • Select the type of reference
      • Type or copy and paste the bibliographic information into the fields

Blank Reference

  1. Do not include special formatting such as italics for journal titles or punctuation such as quotes around titles, or abbreviations for volume or issue.  Enter only the basic data. 
  2. Use the Tab key to move from one field to the next.
  3. Pay special attention to the following fields.
    • Authors and Editors
      • Enter each author or editor on a separate line in the Author field. (Press <Enter> after each complete name).
      • Enter complete names, if you have them, to allow for different styles.
      • Enter last name, first name (preferred) or first name, a space, and last name.
      • If entering initials, place periods after them or separate by a space.  Example:  G. B. or G B
    • Date - Use four digits such as 2009.
    • Edition
      • EndNote does not change what you enter here.
      • Enter as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.
    • Title
      • Enter title without any punctuation at the end.
      • Capitalize the title as you want it to appear in your bibliography.
      • If the title is long and reaches the end of the line, do not press <Enter>.  Just let it "wrap" to the next line.
    • For specific information for additional fields, see Entering References under the EndNote X4 Help tab.
  4. When finished, click File-->Close Reference to add the reference to your Library.

Databases That Require Entering Data Directly

These are examples of databases where it is either impossible to export a tagged text file or easier to enter data in each record manually than  export a text file and then import it into EndNote

Gale/InfoTrac Databases - Book Review Index Plus, Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Nineteenth Century Newspapers, Times Digital Archive.

LexisNexis - LexisNexis Academic - although it is possible to direct export citations from LexisNexis Academic, they are frequently not completely correct.

ProQuest - ProQuest Congressional