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EndNote Tips

A basic guide for installing, navigating and using EndNote X5, EndNote X6, and EndNote X7. Note: If you share EndNote online folders with colleagues, sharing can be done on EndNote online as usual.

Setting Find Full Text Preferences - EndNote X5/X6/X7

EndNote X6 and X5 behave much the same way for Find Full Text.  I have included the Preferences screens from both EndNote X6 and EndNote X5.  Between these two editions of EndNote, the biggest change to the Preferences Screen is the addition of the Sync entry for connecting a Local EndNote Library with your EndNote Web Library.  If you are still using EndNote X4, please refer to the EndNote X5 Preferences Screen.

Go to Edit-->Preferences-->Find Full Text

  • Check the boxes shown below.
  • Copy and paste the OpenURL Path as
  • Copy and paste the Authenticate with URL as
  • Click "Apply"

EndNote X6 Preferences Screen


EndNote X6 Find Full Text Preferences

EndNote X5 Preferences Screen

EndNote X5 Preferences Screen














Importing Full Text into Your EndNote Library - Option 1

While selecting references, download the pdf for an article and save it to a folder you will remember on your computer.

  • Finish importing references from that database into EndNote
  • Open each reference for which you downloaded a pdf
  • Attach the corresponding pdf to each.
    • Open the reference
    • Go to References-->File Attachments-->Attach File

Importing Full Text into Your EndNote Library - Option 2

Search for full text AFTER importing references into EndNote using OpenURL Link.

  • Right click to highlight the reference for which you want to locate full text.
  • Go to References-->URL
  • Select URL --> OpenURL Link from the menu that opens.

    OpenURL Link

  • If off campus, the EZproxy login screen appears the first time, then either the article opens or the SLU Article Linker page appears. 
  • If the SLU Article Linker screen appears, select the best option for full text for your reference. (If no full text options appear, use Article Linker's Step 2 to search the catalog for print, and if necessary Step 3, to request the article via Interlibrary Loan/ILLiad.)
  • If available, go to the full text, save full text, and then attach to your reference using References --> File Attachments --> Attach File.

Importing Full Text into Your EndNote Library - Option 3

Search for full text AFTER importing references using URL --> Open URL

  • Follow the steps in Option 2 above, except select URL --> Open URL
  • Open URL takes you directly to the reference on the Web that you downloaded to your EndNote Library.
  • If this is the first time during your browser session accessing subscription resources, you may need to log in using the SLU EZProxy, before being taken to the reference.
  • Use links on the reference (if available) to save the article.
  • Attach it to the corresponding reference using References --> File Attachments --> Attach File.

Importing Full Text into Your EndNote Library - Option 4 - Not Recommended

Search for full text for MULTIPLE references, AFTER importing references.

  • Select the references by holding down key and clicking each reference for which you want to search for full text.
  • Right click on the highlighted references to bring up the menu

Find Full Text Option















  • Select Find Full Text, then Find Full Text.
    • If you are off campus and need to authenticate, the EZproxy login screen will appear.
    • Enter your SLU Net ID and SLU Net Password
    • You will get a database list screen, JUST CLICK CONTINUE.
  • Program searches for full text available to SLU Community.
  • Lower left-hand panel shows progress.

Full Text Search Progress Panel





  • All references that have "Found PDF" will show a paper clip to the left of the reference and the pdf for the article will be available within that reference in EndNote.

NOTE:  Unfortunately EndNote X4, X5, X6, or X7 does not find and attach ALL full text available using this method.  Be prepared to search one-by-one using Options 1-3 above.  If the articles are FREELY AVAILABLE online, they will most likely be found and attached.