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EndNote Tips

A basic guide for installing, navigating and using EndNote X5, EndNote X6, and EndNote X7. Note: If you share EndNote online folders with colleagues, sharing can be done on EndNote online as usual.

Creating an Independent Bibliography with a Few References

To format and create an independent bibliography to be pasted into a word processing program follow these steps.

1.   Select Output Style from the toolbar.  APA 6th is the current selection. 

Select Output Style

2.   Select the references in the Library window to include in the bibliography. (Ctrl+Click) for each.

Copy Formated for Independent Bibliography

3.   Open the Edit menu, select Copy Formatted (Ctrl+K) to copy the selected references to the clipboard.

4.   Open your word processor, place the cursor where you want to start the bibliography, and select Paste (Ctrl+V) from the
       Edit menu in the word processor.

5.  Add title and double spacing and you are done.

Creating an Independent Bibliography with an Unlimited Number of References

Independent Bibliography


1.  Select Output Style

2.  Select File Type - usually Rich Text File (.rtf)

3.  Name the file

4.  Be sure the Export Selected References box is checked and click Save button.


Export File


Open the saved file in your word processing program.

Give it a title and correct spacing using the tools in the word processing program.