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EndNote Tips

A basic guide for installing, navigating and using EndNote X5, EndNote X6, and EndNote X7. Note: If you share EndNote online folders with colleagues, sharing can be done on EndNote online as usual.

Use Style Manager to Download More Styles

If the style you need was not installed when you downloaded the EndNote program, you can download additional styles from the Web.

Go to Edit-->Output Styles-->Open Style Manager

Get more styles from the Web

Get More Styles on the Web

When you click "Open Style Manager" the following box pops up.

Get more styles from the Web

Clicking "Get More on the Web..." takes you to

Styles Available from the Web

Click on the Download link and SAVE the file

In your EndNote\Styles folder.  To find out where that is on your
computer, go to Edit-->Preferences-->Folder Locations.

Save Downloaded Style File

EndNote Preferences File Locations

In my case my Styles folder is in My Documents-->EndNote-->Styles.

This style now becomes "Choosable" in the Choose-A-Style pop-up window.

New Style Added