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Tests & Measures

Reference Sources - Business

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            [Key: D, F, P, R, T, V]
        HF 5415.3 .B323 2011
Note 1: The 1st edition (1993) is shelved at HF 5415.3 .B323 1993; the 2nd edition (1999) is shelved at HF 5415.3 .B323 1999.

Note 2: TMSS -- for all three editions.


Bruner, G. C., & Hensel, P. J. (1992). Marketing scales handbook: A compilation of multi-measures (Vols. 1-3). Chicago: American Marketing Association.

            [Key: D, R, T, V]
        HF 5415.3 .B785 1992  [Library use only]
Note 1: Pius has Volumes 5 (2009), 6 (2012), 7 (2013), 8 (2015), 9 (2017), and 10 (2019) - all edited by G. C. Bruner and all ONLINE BOOK
Note 2: TMSS -- for Volumes 1-3..


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            [Key: D, F, P, R, S, T, V]
        HM 131 .P728 1997  [Library use only]
Note 1: Published as International Journal of Manpower, 18(4-6), 305-558. TMSS
Note 2: The 1986 edition is shelved at HM 131 .P728 1986. TMSS