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Tests & Measures

Journals Dealing with Test Theory and Applications

Educational and Psychological Measurement
        BF 1 .E3
Pius has: v.1(1941)--v.66(2006): Housed at Locust Street Library Facility
Microfilm: v.31(1971)
Full-Text Online: v.55 (1995)-date


Journal of Applied Psychology
        BF 1 .J55
Pius has: v.1(1917)--51(1967), 53(1969), 56(1972)--90(2005): Housed at Locust Street Library Facility
Microfilm: V.52(1968), 54(1970)-55(1971), 74(1989)
Full-Text Online: v.1 (1917)-date


Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology
        BF 1 .J575
Locust Street Library Facility: v.32(1968)--73(2005)
Full-Text Online: v.1 (1937)-date


Journal of Educational Measurement
        LB 1131 .A1 N32
Locust Street Library Facility: v.20(1983)--30(1993), 31:2(1994)--44(2007)
Full-Text Online: v.1(1964)-date


Journal of Educational Psychology
        L 11 .J8
Locust Street Library Facility: v.1(1910)-3(1912), 5(1914), 7(1916), 9(1918)-11(1920), 13(1922)-56(1965), 62(1971)--97(2005)
Microfilm: v.1(1910)-13(1922), 57(1966)-61(1970)
Full-Text Online: v.1(1910)-date


        QA 465 .M43
Pius has: v.1(2003)--
Full-Text Online: v.1(2003) to one year ago


Personnel Psychology
        HF 5549 .A2 P53
Locust Street Library Facility: v.1(1948)--60(2007)
Full-Text Online: v.18(1965)-date


        BF 1 .P86
Locust Street Library Facility: v.1(1936)-48(1983), 50(1985)--64(1999)
Pius has: v.65(2000)-date
Microfilm: v.49(1989)
Full-Text Online: v.62(1997)-date