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Studio Art

Library Research Portal for Studio Art

Finding Books

To find books on the topic of your choice, the best place to start is the SLU Libraries Catalog. Here you can search using keywords to find titles in the library. For instance, if you wanted to find a book on photographs in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, you could simply use the search, "photography and National Gallery of Art."  If you have a specific book you are looking for, try the title or author search.

Please remember the different types of catalogs where you may find hard to find images:  raisonne, museum and exhibition, and auction catalogs.

Search for books using the Saint Louis University Libraries' Catalog.

Finding Articles

SLUth Search Plus is great place to start if you want to do an extensive search across disciplines and types of materials. This tool helps to search across many of our research databases and will search art and art-related resources along with other areas of study. It also searches across different types of resources, such as academic journals, popular magazines, and newspapers. This makes it a great tool when in search of information on contemporary artists and exhibitions.

If you wanted to do a more comprehensive search on a contemporary artist or exhibition, you can also search Nexis Uni.

Sometimes it's best to focus your search solely on art-related resources.  The research database Art Full Text is the place to go for searching only art and art-related resources.

If you are just looking for a place to look up terms, techniques, or simple biographical information on established artists, Oxford Art Online is the best resources for this type of information.