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Citing Company & Industry Information

A guide to creating proper citations in APA style for some typical business resources.

Industry Reports

Corridore, J. (2019, December 18). Standard & Poor’s industry surveys: Airlines. Retrieved April 14, 2020 from Standard & Poor’s Global NetAdvantage database.

Datamonitor. (2019, June). Footwear in the United States [Industry profile]. Retrieved September 3, 2019 from Business Source Premier database.

Zwolak, R. (2019, June). IBISWorld industry report OD4605: Athletic Shoe Stores in the US. Retrieved August 7, 2019 from IBISWorld database.

Market Research Reports

Mintel. (2018, October). Cooking Enthusiasts - US - October 2018. Retrieved November 5, 2018 from Mintel Oxygen database.

Market Share

China: Brand shares of dog and cat food 2006‐2007. (2008). In Consumer China 2009 (15th ed., p. 268). London: Euromonitor International.

Top bottle water brands (single‐serve), 2011. (2013). In Market Share Reporter 2011. (Reprinted from Drug Store News, May 1, 2012, p. 50). Retrieved from Business Insights: Essentials database.