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*Getting Started with Business Research

Are you looking for economic data? Market research? Articles from the business press? Use the tabs to access relevant resources.

Basic Steps to Market Research

Understand the Industry, Marketplace and Competitors

Consider the existing industry and its major corporate players.  Several sources are available to find industry profiles.  It may also be helpful to learn about existing companies marketing similar products. 

Look at Market Research Reports

Market research reports typically analyze and interpret data about products or services and their current and potential customers and may make forecasts about the future outlook.  Market research reports may be produced by professional analysts, government agencies or trade/professional associations.

Look for Demographic Data

Demographic data can help identify potential target markets of customers based on their preferences, income and spending habits.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes a Consumer Expenditure Survey of US consumer spending habits. 

Market Research and Forecasts

Demographic and Consumer Information