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Christianity in Africa and Asia

This guide is designed for use by the undergraduate students in Prof. McClymond's Christianity in Africa and Asia class (TH 336), Spring, 2013.

ATLASES (note starred item)

Atlas Hierarchicus.  7th ed.  Pius Oversize G1046.E4 A7 2010

 An atlas of Catholic dioceses around the world.  Includes statistical information dispersed throughout the atlas.

Atlas Hierarchicus.  6th ed.  Pius Oversize G1046.E4 A7 1992

Earlier edition of title above.  Contains a helpful "Historical Introduction and Explanations of the Maps" on pp. 1*-27*.  See sections on Asia (pp. 12*-15*) and Africa (pp. 15*-21*). A separate statistical addendum includes sections on Africa and Asia.  Annual statistics for the Catholic church worldwide are available in Annuarium Statisticum Ecclesiae (BX845.C36a).

*Atlas of global Christianity 1910-2010. Pius Oversize G1046.E42 A8 2009


See “Christianity in Africa, 2910-2010,” pp. 110-133, “Christianity in Asia, 1910-2010,” pp. 134-153, and several chapters in “PART IV:  Peoples, languages and cities” containing sections on Africa and Asia.


Atlas of world Christianity: 2000 years.   G1046.E42 B7 1998


See sections on Africa (pp. 77ff.) and Asia (pp.  101ff.).  Numerous bar graphs present statistical information on “Church Community by Denomination and Percentage of Population” for individual countries.