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Christianity in Africa and Asia

This guide is designed for use by the undergraduate students in Prof. McClymond's Christianity in Africa and Asia class (TH 336), Spring, 2013.


*Dictionary of Asian ChristianityRef. BR1065 .D52 2001

“Asia” is defined to exclude “western Asia” (Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkey) but includes the “Persian” area of western Asia up to the 7th century Arab conquest.  From that time on, covers “Asia” from Pakistan to the east.

Dictionary of Mission:  Theology, History, Perspectives.  Ref. BV204-.L4813 1997

Includes articles on "African Independent Churches," "African Theology," "Chinese Theology," "Filipino Theology," "Indian Theology," "Japanese Theology," "Korean Theology," "Rites Controversy,"

Dictionary of Mission Theology:  Evangelical Foundations.  Ref. BV2040.D54 2007

See index entries under "Africa" and "Asia."

Dictionary of Third World theologies.   BR95 .D486 2000

See entries on African Independent Churches, African Traditional Religion, Apartheid, Chinese Theologies, Dalit Theology, Malaysian Theology, Minjung Theology, Taiwanese Theologies, Thai Theology, Vietnamese Theology.  Also, each of the following articles include sub-sections on Africa and Asia: Bible, Christologies, Ecclesiologies, Liberation Theologies, Third World Women’s Theologies.  

*Encyclopedia of Christianity.  5 vols.  Ref. BR95.E8913 1999 

The aim of this encyclopedia is to describe Christianity in its global context.  (see preface).  There are separate articles for every continent and over 170 countries.  Several articles discuss various regional expressions of Christian theology (e.g. African, Asian, etc.) and the perspectives of these           regional theologies on central doctrines and practices (e.g. Baptism, Marriage, etc.) 

Encyclopedia of Millennialism and Millennial MovementsRef. BT891 .E53 2000

Covers millennial movements in Africa, Asia, and Oceania as well as in the western world.  See, e.g., articles on “Africa, Sub-Saharan,” “Asia,” “Japan.”

Encyclopedia of Mission and Missionaries.  Ref. BV2040.E48 2007

Includes articles on "Africa," "African Independent Churches," "African Traditional Religion," "Asia, Central," "Asia, Southeast," "Asian Theology," "China," "Ethiopianism," "India," "Orientalism,"

*Encyclopedia of Religion.  15 vols.  Ref.  BL31 .E46 2005

 See index entries for individual countries with subentries on “Christianity.”

*Global Dictionary of Theology: A Resource for the Worldwide ChurchRef. BR95 .G56 2008

Seeks to “provide a general overview of theological reflection and practice around the world in a conversation that does not privilege a single area of the world” (preface).  Entries cover themes, country and area studies, movements, and traditions but not persons.  Information on individuals is available through the “Persons Index.”

The Oxford Companion to Christian ThoughtRef. BR95 .O94 2000

See articles on “African Christian Thought,” “Endo, Shusaku,” “Ethiopian Theology,” “Indian Christian Thought,” “Japanese Christian Thought,” “Mbiti, John,” “Syriac Christian Thought.”

*The Oxford Encyclopaedia of South Asian Christianity.  2 vols.  Ref.  BR1143 .O94 2012

“South Asia” includes India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Afghanistan, Myanmar, and the global South Asian diaspora.

The St. Thomas Christian Encyclopaedia of India.  3 vols.  Ref. BX166.2 .S24

 Contains a wealth of information but is confusingly organized.  Consult the tables of contents for each volume.

*World Christian Encyclopedia: A Comparative Survey of Curches and Religions in the Modern World. 2nd ed. 2 vols. Ref. Oversize BR157 .W67 2001

This encyclopedia focuses on "empirical Christianity;" i.e. "facts about the world Christian movement that are measurable.  Relies on survey data.  Vol. 1 presents summary data at country and world levels.  Vol. 2 presents data by religion, ethnic and linguistic groups, major cities (7000 profiles), and major civil divisions (3030 profiles from 238 countries).  Also contains a "survey dictionary" of global Christianity, a "world bibliography" of Christianity, and a directory of Christian organizations.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Religious Practices.  3 vols.  Ref.  BL80.3 .W67 2006

Volumes 2 and 3 contain entries on individual countries in alphabetical order.  Each country article contains a section on “Major Religions” including Christianity in the countries where it exists.