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Special Collections- Vatican Film Library : Rome Reborn

Selected information on the holdings and organization of the VFL library

Rome Reborn

Giovanni Michele Nagonio, Prognostichon Hierosolymitanum, 1507. Vatican City, Biblioteca apostolica vaticana, Vat. lat. 1682.

Folio 8 verso: Triumphal Entry of Pope Julius II into Rome.

Overview and Contents

These pages reproduce the entries included in Rome Reborn, an exhibition of Vatican Library manuscripts and printed materials held by the Library of Congress in 1993. The plate numbers are included from the printed catalog by Anthony Grafton et al., with each number preceded by the letters "RR". The Vatican Film Library owns microfilms copies of most of these manuscripts, and the Libguide includes links to the descriptive records for the manuscripts included in the SLU libraries online catalog.