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Special Collections- Vatican Film Library : VFL Manuscripts

Selected information on the holdings and organization of the VFL library

VFL Manuscripts

For sample images and information about the collection items, return to the "VFL Manuscripts" tab at the top of this page and choose Western MSS or Non-Western MSS.

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VFL MS 022, folio a verso (detail)

Our collection of original manuscripts currently numbers 61 separate items, comprising mostly detached leaves, but also counting 3 documents and 8 codices. The total represents manuscripts produced from the thirteenth through the twentieth centuries in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These include Bibles, Books of Hours, Missals, Breviaries, Antiphonaries, Saints’ Lives, texts of canon and Roman law, and a number of non-western works such as the Qur'an, Buddhist scriptures, commentaries, and literary works.

The collection is available to researchers, students, and faculty, and may be used for course presentations or student research projects. For classroom appointments in the Vatican Film Library, please contact Gregory Pass, Head of Special Collections, 314-977-3096.

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