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Search Recommended Databases

You will be able to find a multitude of articles on topics related to vegetarianism by using SLU's online databases. Depending on your topic, you may want to use an interdisciplinary database or one that is more subject focused (for example, on health & nutrition).

Sample Search Terms

Before you begin searching library databases, it can be extremely helpful to spend a few moments brainstorming keywords and phrases that describe your topic and thinking about how to combine them in your search.

A partial list of phrases and keyword combinations often associated with vegetarianism is below:

  • (vegetarian* OR vegan) AND diet
  • (vegetarian* OR vegan) AND nutrition
  • (vegetarian* OR vegan) AND health
  • vegetarian* AND sustainability
  • food AND politic* AND animal welfare
  • food AND ethic* AND animal*
  • (vegetarian* OR vegan) AND feminism
  • food animals AND environment
  • factory farm* AND environment
  • livestock AND slaughter*