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Evidence Based Practice

This tutorial was developed by staff at Duke University Medical Center Library and the Health Sciences Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It is used with permission by Saint Louis University Medical Center Library.

Searching PubMed

Searching PubMed

Use PICO to help identitfy terms to search

obesity AND diabetes mellitus, type 2 AND bariatric surgery  would be terms you would want to search.  

All 3 of these are MeSH terms. MeSH is used by the National Library of Medicine to index articles and other information.

MeSH database is located under Explore on the PubMed site



Limit to appropriate study design

This is a therapy question. We know from the previous discussion that the best evidence for a therapy question is a randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT).  Use the Filters column from the main results page to limit to Randomized Controlled Trial as an article type. You may need to click on "more" to see additional filters if RCT is not listed.

some filters are on the left side of the screen in PubMed (including RCT)


You can also use the Clinical Queries  for this search instead, this is under Find on the PubMed homepage, but it will take you to a page like below


 clinical queries