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CORE 1000: Healing Arts

Library resources and information for students in CORE 1000: Ignite Seminar: Healing Arts, Fall 2022, Professor: Dr. Vincent Casaregola


On this guide, you'll find academic research tools you can use to find scholarly articles, book chapters, and other materials that analyze and interpret cultural representations of healthcare and medicine.

Find Scholarly Journal Articles and Book Chapters

The best place to start your research is SLUth Search Plus. SLUth includes articles published in scholarly journals, magazines, and newspapers as well as books, and ebooks. It's very multidisciplinary in scope, so you can use it to find credible sources of information on any topic. It includes about 100 of the SLU Libraries 400 (or so) subscription databases and the SLU Libraries Catalog. So, you're not searching everything the SLU Libraries have, but you're searching a lot. 

Learn how to use SLUth Search Plus by watching this short video.

If you're specifically looking for books in the SLU Libraries, you may find that searching the SLU Libraries Catalog is easier than searching SLUth Search Plus. 

Learn how to find books on a topic using the SLU Libraries Catalog by watching this short video.

Cite Your Sources

Frequently Asked Questions

To find peer reviewed journal articles in SLUth Search Plus, search for your topic and then use the limiting features on the left side of the page. In the Refine Results section, click on the box that says "Peer Reviewed." 

Applying this limiter will update your results and you'll be left with only peer reviewed journal articles. 

Most library databases have similar options, although you might find them in a slightly different place, depending on which database you're using.